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Drug addiction is illogical, but in most situations the only way out is through drug and alcohol rehab. The addict knows the negative health consequences for substance abuse, but continues to use drugs. The uncontrollable cravings throw logic out the window. That first few times of use may be voluntary, yet after that, the addict can easily lose control, which is why starting a drug and alcohol rehab program is the best option. Rehab centers can completely transform the life of an addict if they can find the motivation within to beat the disease. When he or she picks up a bottle of liquor, takes a drag or uses a needle, he or she believes one of two things:

  • He or she will not let the drugs affect him or her, believing in willpower.
  • Delusional thinking – the addict believes the side effects are not as bad as everyone thinks.
  • It is a one-time thing, just an experiment; addiction does not happen that quickly.
  • Complexities of Addiction

Addiction is a brain disease that affects the user's brain circuits that control behavior. An effective treatment program consists of several types of approaches, each one tailored for each patient. The objective of the program is to help the addict stop drug and alcohol abuse, maintain a drug-free lifestyle and re-join their family and society.

People with drug dependence cannot simply stop of their own accord. Addiction is a complex, but treatable disease that affects brain function and behavior. When someone has an addiction, he or she may feel a bit of shame because he or she appears weak. The stigma associated with addiction is strong and socially unacceptable, but with our help, recovery is attainable.

What to Expect with Treatment

When addicts begin treatment, they will quickly learn the primary objective is to not only stop taking drugs, but also to take care of themselves. Drug treatment centers available in New Brunswick offer encouragement and support. The drug detox will provide a structured rehabilitation and recovery based on the addict's individual needs:

  • Self-help group counseling.
  • Family therapy.
  • Individual therapy.
  • Skills development exercises.
  • Vocational training – job skills training.

There is a variety of methodologies and approaches with varying lengths of time and intensity. The addict needs recovery assistance from experienced medical professionals from the treatment centers. The therapist lays the foundation for the individual's treatment and provides coaching to help the addict realize it is possible to recover. There might be a case manager overseeing and coordinating the treatment. Drug rehab is more than simply quitting and avoiding drugs; the patient learns how to re-enter society.

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