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Admitting to having an addiction problem can be tough. Drug Treatment Centers New Brunswick, understand that addiction can alter the brain's chemistry in ways that make sobriety seem like an unobtainable goal. Today, the staff at various drug treatment centers in New Brunswick wants to give you the hope and strength it takes to beat this dangerous disease. It is never too late to overcome an addiction, as long as you have the proper tools and support.

Drug treatment centers the New Brunswick area can provide you or a loved one with the addiction knowledge necessary to motivate you to become a success story. Contrary to certain beliefs, acknowledging the reality of your addiction is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of strength. As long as you can find the determination it takes to begin the road to recovery, we will be there to help. Don't let substance abuse steal even one more of your days. Call drug treatment facilities in New Brunswick now and let us help you find a recovery center.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in New Brunswick

How Does Alcohol and Drug Treatment Begin?

When an individual starts addiction therapy, he or she may feel scared or overwhelmed for two reasons:

  • What will life be like without drugs or alcohol?
  • Will the addiction treatment be successful?
  • Treatment consists of helping the addict:
  • Recognize he or she has a problem.
  • Agree that he or she needs help.
  • Understand how drug and alcohol use is destructive.
  • Learn new activities; relearn interests before drugs dominated his or her life.
  • The first step once rehabilitation begins is for the medical staff to understand the addict's unique substance abuse habits:
  • How long has he or she been using drugs or alcohol?
  • How much has he or she been using?
  • How often does he or she use drugs or drink?
  • What type of substance is used?
  • How was the drug taken? (injection, smoking, inhaling, etc.)
  • If injected with a needle, are syringes cleaned or used by others?
  • How successful have past attempts with treatment for drug abuse been?

There is no universal process of treatment appropriate for everyone. Effective drug abuse rehabilitation tends to the specific needs of each individual addict. Treatment is readily available at our facility, regardless of the specific circumstances contributing to the addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Includes Knowing What to Ask

Once the addict is comfortable and has a good idea of what to expect, he or she may have questions for the staff concerning his or her rehabilitation. Some of the following things to consider during the assessment phase of substance abuse treatment are:

  • What is the interaction like between addicts and staff?
  • Are there additional services to be considered beyond what is included in the initial treatment?
  • How long will the rehabilitation process take? (An addict, yet does not hurt to get an idea of the time frame.)
  • Will the addict's family participate in the treatment?
  • What if the addict needs to work during treatment?
  • What happens if the addict has a relapse?

It is critical for our patients to feel comfortable at the facility and feel at ease around the staff. The patient may not initially be at ease talking with other addicts, but that will happen with time. If they need help building skills in order to go back to work, vocational therapy may be an added component to his or her substance abuse treatment.

In almost all situations, the addict's family does play a role in the treatment. Drug Treatment Centers New Brunswick gives patients the option of both inpatient and outpatient treatment if he or she has obligations to meet, but it is critical for them to have a support outside of the clinical environment. Lastly, if there is a relapse, it does not mean failure, but a learning opportunity for the addict, therapists, and doctors.When future temptations arise, both the addict and rehabilitation professionals will know what to do differently.

About New Brunswick, NJ

New Brunswick is located in Middlesex County New Jersey. Due to its convenient location between Philadelphia and New York, the area is home to three universities, world-class healthcare, and numerous Fortune 500 companies. It has long been known as a place of productivity and innovation. In addition to this, it is full of rich history dating back to pre-revolutionary war times, and it boasts a diverse range of parks and theaters. New Brunswick truly offers something for everyone.

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AA Plainsboro Sat. Night Sat, 7:00 PM Plainsboro Presby. Church 500 Plainsboro Rd, Cranbury, NJ 08512
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